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Embedded Day/Night Vision Sight Engine RDNSE1

✔ Day/Night vision sight engine DNSE1 is best in class performance digital weapon sight for all weather and low to high illumination conditions, for Day and Night use.
✔ Could be used with near infra-red illumination in full darkness to provide perfect performance.
✔ The dynamic range is also greatly advanced that together with automatic digital control give the possibility to have good vision at present of light sparks.
✔ It is military specified and 100% tested products for performance and environmental conditions.
✔ Lowest power consumption available today on the market guarantee long battery life and low temperature sign.
✔ Absolutely passive and undetectable.
✔ Of-the-shelf solution 100% ready and tested to be integrated into customer enclosure to become any weapon sight

The Easiest integration that has ever been proposed:

  • Could be equipped with mounting adapters and lens according to customer application and specification. Of-the-shelf lens integration is available.
  • Boresight adjustment and user definable reticles for use with every weapons.
  • Rugged OLED microdisplay of half inch size is integrated. Could be used with of-the-shelf oculars. Other display types are possible.
  • 6 external buttons control with predefined functions and display of menu.
  • USB2.0 + large internal picture storage.
  • Digital video output with remote control.
  • Optional geopositioning module of high precision of-the-shelf.
  • Concurrent power source selection on priority basis from battery, USB or Video power sources.
  • Rechargeable highest reliability internal battery pack is available (charging for -40..+80ºC, 5000 recharge cycles).
  • RS232 interface for commissioning and control.
  • RS485+IOs+5Vdc extension interface for integration with Laser Range Finder or other modules.
  • Ready for IP67 enclosure. Robust and long-life military grade USB and Video interface connectors for panel mount are IP67 rated.
  • Control buttons solution is available.

Time to market for your next project is reduced to 1 month!